Welcome to Santorini Secret Hotels’ most recent member, Tramonto Secret Villas in Oia, Santorini. An exclusive villa complex on the island’s most sought after spot, comes to provide a most exceptional stay experience. Classical design elements are fused with modern materials, while the exterior alone makes Tramonto Secret Villas stand out from afar. Within the dusky rose 3 level exterior are sensational suites and guest rooms that can accommodate either 2 or 4 persons, featuring outdoor hot tubs or a heated pool coupled with wonderful skyline views. Tramonto Secret Villas in Oia were designed following a refurbishment of a stately Captain’s manor, therefore discretely exude a sense of past grandeur. A Mediterranean architectural style has been adopted throughout with touches of baroque decor, creating an ultimately chic environment in which to feel absolutely relaxed. Tucked away in the gorgeous settlement of Oia, Tramonto Secret Villas offer an alternative stay experience in Santorini, quiet and peaceful. Furthermore, guests can enjoy the gastronomy and wellness services offered by Santorini Secret Suites & Spa, that is located only a short walk away.

In line with the excellent hospitality levels that Santorini Secret Hotels are known for, Tramonto Secret Villas will surround you with understated luxury and immerse you into a place where inner peace can be achieved, and where romance comes naturally. Choose to stay in any of the 4 stunning suites and guest rooms, and let the Santorini holiday dream begin.