Green Suites Hotel was created out of the vision to provide the most ecologically friendly green hotel in Athens. Newly constructed, our hotel aspires to pave the way for a more sustainable hospitality model. By paying attention to every detail, it ensures that everything, from materials to processes especially , is eco-friendly. Besides our eco-features listed below, we also greatly emphasize in sustainable practices. In Green Suites, we believe that luxury does not necessarily equal sacrificing the environment. Human living can go hand-in-hand with our planet.

Above all, our mission is to create the first eco-friendly hotel in Greece, offering our guests unique accommodation experiences. Moreover, our vision is to make our planet a better place and become the leaders of a new, “home” era. Finally, across all our eco-luxury rooms and suites, we aim to cultivate a soothing environment in which relaxation comes naturally. From the arrangement of  spaces, to the decoration elements, at Green Suites you can expect a stay experience that will remain unforgettable.

Our ecological adherence & practices

The hotel is designed & constructed according to the latest energy performance directive that prescribes zero-energy by 2020.

Last but not least, below are some of the features that we incorporate here in Green Suites, resulting in a fully compliant energy building for 2020.

– Photovoltaic systems

– Solar mirrors

– Energy saving glazing

– Building exterior insulation layer

– Basement lighting with solar tubes

– Carbon Dioxide sensors

– LED light fixtures

– Independent electricity meters

– Heat pumps

– Inverter cooling system

– Eco-friendly paint

– Biodegradable products

– Recovery of rainwater for reuse

– Movement sensors